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Frequently Asked Questions about Building Inspection including when permits are required and how to contact the Building Inspector


How can I contact the Building Inspection Department?

You may contact the Building Inspector at: 

Vierbicher Associates, Inc.
Fred E. Hankel
999 Fourier Dr., Suite 201
PO Box 44010
Madison, WI  53744-4010
Fax:  608-826-0530
Mobile: 608-444-7510
Web Site:



What do the Building Inspectors do?

The Building Inspection Department enforces Title 19, the Building Code, which includes the building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, thermal, housing, forestry, and erosion control efforts.  The Building Inspectors review plans and perform inspections as required.  The Inspectors also review new code editions and recommend local adoption changes and provide public assistance/education on content, intent and compliance with building codes. 

Contact: |   JoeMcCoe 2013