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Village of Black Earth

Boards, Committees, and Commissions

Village of Black Earth government consists of the Village Board; a variety of committees, boards, and commissions; administrative and supervisory officers; and a municipal judge.

Relevant Wisconsin Laws

Village Board of Trustees
The elected officials are the Village President and six Trustees, who together comprise the Village Board. The Village Board acts as the legislative arm of the Village government. The Village Board's general statutory powers include the management and control of Village property, streets, municipal services, and finances. The Village Board has the authority to act for the public health, welfare, and convenience through licensing, levying taxes, making appropriations, and other necessary means... MORE


Committees may conduct investigations, make detailed studies of pending proposals (ordinances, resolutions, etc.), keep in close contact with the work of the various municipal departments and officers, and otherwise perform detailed work that the entire governing body cannot feasibly accomplish, or which if handled by the entire board, would unduly prolong meetings. The action of a committee must have prior authorization of, or be subsequently ratified by, the Village Board....

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