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Assessed Value:  

A dollar amount assigned to taxable real (by parcel) and personal (by owner) property by the assessor for the purpose of taxation.  This amount may be above or below the current market value of the property.  Wisconsin law provides that all non-agricultural assessments must be based on the market value of property as of January 1st each year.                                     

Personal Property:

    Taxable property associated with businesses only. 

Assessment Roll: 

     The official listing of all properties within a given municipality    
     (Town, Village, City) by ownership, description, and location   
     showing the corresponding assessed values for each.


    A sale between two parties, neither of whom is related to or under abnormal pressure from the other.

 Market Value:       

The amount of cash (or in terms equivalent to cash) for which
the property would be sold by a willing seller to a willing buyer under normal market conditions.


Redoing the existing roll because of substantial inequities.  All
property of the district is reviewed, valued and placed in the new assessment roll, which is then substituted for the original roll.


Placing new values on all taxable property for the purpose of a
assessment.  The previous year's assessment roll is not affected. 

The term is often used in conjunction with Section 70.055 of the
Wisconsin Statutes where expert help can be hired to work with
the assessor in revaluing the district.

                                          The hiring of expert help by a municipality to aid the assessor in making new, equitable assessments.  The previous years assessment roll is not affected.  Under Section 70.055 of the statutes, the governing body of a municipality determines that it is in the public interest to employ expert help to aid in making a new assessment.  The local assessor is not relieved of any responsibility of the office under this type of revaluation.  The expert help and the assessor act together as an assessment board in exercising the powers and duties of the assessor during the expert's employment.

Board of Review:      

Ordinarily the Board of Review consists of municipal officials.
The Board of Review has the duty of correcting any errors in assessments that have been made, inadvertently or otherwise.  It is their duty to carefully examine the roll and correct all apparent errors in descriptions or computations, and to add any property to the roll that the assessor may have omitted.

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