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Village of Black Earth

Municipal Building Meeting Room Usage



___ The meeting room at the Black Earth Municipal Building is available for public use from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturday (no availability on Tuesday, Thursday or Sunday).  It may also be available on a limited basis for occasional evening meetings.  Evening usage may only be reserved one day in advance due to Village meeting possibilities.  

___ The room must be reserved at least 3 days in advance. You can reserve the room by contacting the Village office in person or at 767-2563. A public use calendar will be maintained in the office.

___ The room is reserved with the understanding that all Village business takes precedence over public availability (i.e. If a special meeting is called where
the room is needed the reserved contact would be notified and required to relinquish the room).

___ The meeting room and kitchen must be left the way that is was found, including vacuuming if needed.

___ There is a check out key available at the Village office for use on your reserved date.

___ To help maintain a professional atmosphere in the meeting room for all Village business; you may not alter the look of the room in any way
(pictures, etc).

___ Under no circumstance shall any items be removed from the meeting room or Municipal Building in general.

___ As this is also a break room for Village employees we ask that you respect their need to use the kitchen.

___ No items shall remain in the refrigerator after your reserved time.

___ Any extra requests, should go to the village board for approval.

___ Access to the meeting room is through the front door, located on Mills Street. Under no circumstance should entry/exit be made from the door located in the meeting room as this is an emergency exit only.

The Village of Black Earth Board sincerely appreciates your cooperation in use of the facilities here at the Black Earth Municipal Building.

Revised September 2002

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