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I am worried about the point to be assess against my driving record. How do I know if I am in point trouble?

If you are found guilty of a traffic violation, your driving record may be charged with demerit points.  The court will not determine the number  of points assessed against your record.  The court will merely report the conviction to the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Division will assess the number of points against your record, depending upon the charge.  The following point schedule lists common traffic violations.  Other violations, not listed, may also carry points.  If you accumulate 12 points against the driving record within a one-year period by date of violations, your license will be suspended or revoked.

MPH Over the Legal Limit

  10 or Less 11-19 20 or more
Points 3 4 6

Other Violations

Reckless driving/racing 6
Deviating from traffic lane 4
Driving wrong side of hwy 4
FTY right of way 4
FTY to emergency vehicle 4
Imprudent driving, too fast for conditions, failing to have vehicle under control 4
Inattentive driving 4
Passing school bus when red lights flashing 4
Arterial or traffic control violation 3
Driving wrong way on one way street 3
Failing to dim lights 3
Failing to give proper signal 3
Following too closely 3
Illegal passing 3
Improper brakes or lights 3
Operating with license expired or w/o any license 3
Prohibited or illegal turn 3
Violation of restriction 3
Parking on hwy in traffic lane/defective speedometer 2
No registration plate light 0
Operating with license not on person 0


Head lamp not lit
(daylight hours 0 points)
No cycle validation 3
Defective or repaired handlebars 2
Deprive traffic lane 2
More than 2 riders(operator) 2
No eye protection (operator) 2
Illegal muffler 0
No protective headgear 0

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