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Village of Black Earth

Bicycle Licenses

Per Village of Black Earth Ordinance 10.05 Licensing and Registration of Bicycles.

(1) Registration Required.  No person shall operate a bicycle upon any street, sidewalk, public property, bicycle pathway or public highway within the Village unless said bicycle shall first have been properly registered and an identification tag attached as hereinafter provided.  Persons found in violation of this section shall be subject to a forfeiture of Ten ($10.00) Dollars.  Citations issued shall be issued on Uniform Municipal Citations.

(2) Forms of Registration.
     (a)  Identification.  Every owner of a bicycle shall list and register the bicycle with the Police Department on a form as provided by the Department or Village Clerk's Office.
     (b)  Period of Registration.  The license period shall be indefinite as long as the registrant owns the bicycle.
     (c)  Owner to Register.  The licensing authority shall not register any bicycle which it knows or has reasonable grounds to believe  is not owned by or lawfully in the possession of the applicant.
     (d)  License to be Attached to Bicycle.  All licenses shall be attached to bicycles upon issuance of said license and shall remain with that bicycle for the life of that cycle.  All bicycles must be registered with the Black Earth Police Department.  The license issued is good for as long as said bicycle is in the possession of registrant.  Upon sale of bicycle, within the Village of Black Earth, re-registration is required.  Purchaser of bicycle is held responsible to seek re-registration from the Black Earth Police Department.  Bicycles registered during the "Bicycle Safety and Registration Program may be registered for a reduced fee. 
     (e)  Tag.  On receipt of payment of registration fee herein provided for, the Police Department shall provide a suitable identifying license decal tag or plate, serially numbered to correspond with the registration number.  The owner shall affix said license decal or plate to a location as specified by the Police Department on the frame of the bicycle for which the license decal or plate is issued.

(3)  Records and Transmittal of Fees.  The Police Department shall keep at its office a suitable book and duplicate record of applications and registrations.  A complete report shall be made to the Clerk-Treasurer by the Chief of Police of funds received for bicycle registration fees, and all such fees shall be paid to the Clerk-Treasurer for deposit as Village revenues.  

(4)  Bicycles to be Kept in Safe Condition.  No bicycle shall be registered which in in a unsafe mechanical condition.  The Chief of Police shall have authority to suspend the registration of and remove the identification tag from any bicycle or to impound any bicycle, operated contrary to any State law or Village ordinance, or operated in unsafe mechanical condition.  Such suspension and removal or impounding shall continue for a period not to exceed ten (10) days, but the registration shall not be reinstated or identification tag replaced while such bicycle is in unsafe condition.  Such suspension and removal shall be in addition to other penalties provided for in Chapter 10 of the Village Code of Ordinances.

(5)  Change of Ownership.  Bicycle licenses shall not be transferable.  If a licensed bicycle is sold, transferred, or given away, the holder of the existing bicycle license must notify the Chief of Police or Village Clerk-Treasurer of such sale or other transfer in writing within seven (7) days of the sale or other transfer.  Upon the sale or other transfer of a licensed bicycle, the new owner of the bicycle shall obtain a new bicycle license within thirty (30) days from the date of sale or transfer, provided that the new owner is a resident of the Village. 

(6)  Registration to be Displayed. The identification tag issued under this section shall be affixed to the registered bicycle so as to be plainly seen and read and shall remain so affixed until ordered removed by the Police Department for cause, or until expiration of the registration.

(7)  Exemption from Registration.  Any non-resident may operate a bicycle in the Village which is duly registered in another municipality without obtaining Village registration if a valid unexpired identification tag of such other municipality is attached thereto or such other municipality does not require registration.

(8)  Removal and Alteration of Identification Tags
     (a)  Removal Prohibited.  No person shall remove an identification tag, from a bicycle during the period for which issued except upon transfer of ownership or when the bicycle is dismantled and no longer operated upon any street or highway within the Village.
     (b)  Alteration Prohibited.  No person shall alter or counterfeit any bicycle identification tag. 

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