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Frequently Asked Questions

All tax bills are mailed to the property owner in mid-December, as soon as the village receives them from Dane County.  If your mortgage company needs a copy of your tax bill you can send them a copy once you receive it in the mail.

When are my taxes owed?

Your tax bill is mailed in mid-December of each year.  At least the first installment must be paid by January 31st.  The first installment includes one-half of your property taxes and 100% of any special charges. 

The second installment is due by July 31st of each year and payable to the Dane County Treasurer.

Where do I pay my taxes?

All payments made before the end of January should be made payable to the:

          Village of Black Earth
          PO Box 347
          1210 Mills Street
          Black Earth, WI 53515       

Payments made after January 31st should be made payable to the:

          Dane County Treasurer
          P.O. Box 7966
          Madison, WI 53707-7966

What if my escrow check is more than my tax payment?

If your mortgage escrow check is larger than the amount of your tax bill you will be issued a refund check.  Refunds are generally issued within 30 days of payment. 

Do I need to endorse my escrow check?

If your mortgage escrow check is made payable to both you and the Village of Black Earth you must endorse the check.  All parties listed on the check must sign it before it can be deposited.  If your check is made out only to you and not the Village, you should deposit it in your account and write out a check payable to the Village of Black Earth. 

Am I eligible for the Lottery Credit?

You are if the property is your primary residence and you have owned and lived in the home since January 1, 2003.  If the lottery credit is not on your tax bill, please request a "Lottery Credit Claim Form" before you pay your taxes and your bill will be reduced.

Where do my tax dollars go?

The tax rate is the same for all property in the village located in the Wisconsin Heights School District.  This rate is based on the tax levies required by the state, county, city, school district and Madison Area Technical College.  The total amount of taxes to be collected is divided by the Village's total assessed value to determine the tax rate.

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