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Snow & Ice Removal and Winter Parking Regulations


It shall be the duty of each owner or occupant of any building or ground in the Village of Black Earth to remove from the sidewalk adjacent to the premises, within twenty-four hours after the end of any snow, sleet, rain, or hail storm, all snow and ice which may have fallen or accumulated thereon during said storm.  In case any owner or occupant shall fail to clean such sidewalk within the time specified, it shall be the duty of the Village of have the same cleaned.  The Village shall keep an account of the expense of cleaning sidewalks in front of each lot or parcel of ground and shall make a certified report of the same to the Village Clerk/Treasurer who shall enter this amount against the said lot or parcel of land on the next tax roll of said Village as a special tax against the premises.   


Purpose. Heavy snowstorms may create emergency conditions which impair transportation, and the delivery of medical care, fire, health or police protection or other vital services of the Village there by requiring winter parking regulations to assist in maintaining streets open to vehicular traffic and assure needed services to residents.

 Declaration of emergency. The Village President, Police Chief, or the Village Clerk shall declare a snow emergency during the period of a severe snow storm, or immediately thereafter, whenever, traffic becomes congested by reason of said snowfall of 2" or greater, and the operation of emergency vehicles, including snow removal equipment and machinery, is impeded.

Duration of emergency. Such emergency shall exist so long as traffic remains congested, and the operation of emergency vehicles is impeded, or likely to be impeded, by the falling of snow and the congestion of traffic upon the streets, alleys or public parking lots of the city.

Notice of emergency. The Village President, or other authorized officials listed above may proclaim the state of emergency through the press, radio or other public means of communication, and may designate and authorize police officers and snow removal personnel to inform the citizenry of the existence of the emergency.

Parking prohibited during emergency. No person shall park any vehicle on a street, alley or public parking lot during the period of snow emergency, or immediately there after, until such street, alley or public parking lot has been cleared of snow.

Removal of vehicles. The Chief of Police, or any of his employees under his supervision and direction, may remove any vehicle which may interfere with the operation of any snow removal equipment or any emergency vehicle and charge the cost of removing such vehicle to the owner or the operator thereof. Said Chief of Police may cause removal to be made either by his own department with Village help or may contract for such removal with any service man, person, firm or corporation that has as a part of their business, towing. service with proper equipment to move vehicles.

Penalty. Anyone who violates Section 11.36.060 through 11.36.100 shall be subject to a fine of twenty dollars for the first offense, fifty dollars for the second offense and two hundred dollars for each offense thereafter.  Nonpayment of fines shall subject the offender to suspending driving privileges.   All fines shall have as additional costs added there to the towing charges involved in removing vehicle subject to removal under the terms of this ordinance.

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